What are the different methods used to water a kokedama?


Absorption Method

Sit the kokedama ball in a dish a little bigger than the base and fill with a couple of inches of water and allow it to absorb into the ball like a sponge until the water is gone. If the water disappears quickly add a little more next time ... if there is still water after an hour, reduce next time.


Trickle Method

Trickle water from tap/hose down the centre of the plant slowly until the ball feels heavy again but not dripping from the bottom. This may take a few minutes especially for jumbo lilies. 


Dunk Method

Submerge the kokedama under water and hold there until the bubbles nearly stop. This is a more accurate way to water if you are unsure how much water your kokedama needs. Not recommended for succulent kokedamas. This will age the twine faster than the absorption or trickle methods. Squeeze any excess water from the ball after and allow to air dry freely to prevent mould or rot.



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