Where is the best place to put my air plant?

If you are planning on keeping your Air Plants in a terrarium or hanging glass, you will need to either remove the plant for normal watering or ensure that the plant has sufficient sun/air to dry without sitting on wet ground. When the Tillandsia is in the terrarium or globe, you can give it periodic misting to create some humidity. The smaller and more compact the globe, the less misting you will want to give your plants. If the terrarium is larger and has better air circulation, you can give it a few sprays from a water mister a few times a week. Just make sure to take care in ensuring the plant does not get over misted, and that it dries within a few hours while in the terrarium. Avoid any direct light if the plant is enclosed in glass as the glass will act as an extra heater to the plant.

The plants will thrive in your kitchen, bathroom, living area. Anywhere in your house that has filtered light.

Another important variable is air flow. The plants will need good air circulation to survive and live a healthy life. It's important that after watering the plants, that they have enough sun or air circulation to dry. Although Tillandsias will do well in containers, it is recommended that they do not be displayed in enclosed containers, and that they are completely dry before they are put back into a container that might restrict air circulation. In the natural enviornment they survive from the dust particels in the air and use this as nutrients. Air conditioning is not air flow and can tend to dry your plant out if in direct access to the air conditioner.

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