How much sunlight should an air plant get?

One of the most important things any living creature needs is light. Tillandsia's are no exception! If you are keeping your plants indoors, make sure they are near an adequate light source. This can be within .5-1 meter of a window, or near an artificial light source. If you are keeping your plants outside, make sure they are in a shaded area that does not receive full all day sunlight. There are only a few varieties that can handle direct sun. The best scenario for a Tillandsia is morning or late afternoon sunlight OR all day filtered light. You will notice if your plant is receiveing to much sun if the tips of the leaves start to turn brown and die. This may be the process of reproduction, so firstly check the base for any pups (it is recently flowered) or it is burning with too much sun. You can cut these dead tips off the plant without affecting its growth, give it a little more water and move it to a less sunny position.

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